Meet Your Hosts

The Momtrepreneur on the go!!! L.C. is the sophistiratchet go-getter making moves but struggles to find a healthy life balance millennial. Upon obtaining her degree from the “University by the Sea” Savannah State University, L.C. set off on her voyage to take over the world. Little did she know that some short time later she would end up right back in the City she thought she sailed off from and become a mother to an energetic, Napoleon Complex having, little boy. Though motherhood was not in the plans, she wore the badge of parenting the best she could while discovering her true purpose. Once enrolled in graduate school, it was there that L.C. began to really focus on what she wanted her future to look like.


Well, after graduating with her Masters in Public Administration from the same institution that molded her early 20’s, the future wasn’t looking so bright and confusion and panic set in. There she was a highly educated single mom, with no real work experience to land her in the high tax bracket she hoped her degree would yield her. So, with this confusion came doubt, so in good millennial fashion she packed up and moved to HotLanta (or at least 30 mins from it). No plan, no clue and no JOB!! After hustling two jobs for over two years, two layoffs and a furlough, crazy unfulfilled love life, serving as dugout mom, basketball mom, and toting the boy child to and from; happiness seemed like she was chasing a unicorn. After 5 years she finally began to yield the fruits of her labor.  While holding on to her edges (the little she has left) she’s now a homeowner, an entrepreneur, HOA Board Member, sports mom, active in her graduate chapters, Project Consultant and best of all a MILLENNIAL!!!!!!

Dr. Share in a nutshell (Overachiever, Cool Nerd, Dog Mom, Batman Lover, Lip gloss wearing, Homey) Wow, that was a mouthful!

Dr. Sherrich Monsher known by her friends as Dr. Share is a third generation Caribbean American, and Atlanta native (by way of Brooklyn, NY). Dr. Share is an Indie Published author of a relationship guide entitled “Wolves in Suits: Dating Survival Kit. What your mamma didn’t tell you… and your friends don’t know”. Additionally, Dr. Share is the founder of two businesses; ShareTheRich, LLC- founded in 2015, and Vudeaux Chatte’, founded in 2018.

Wolves in Suits is Dr. Share's first published literary work, and she is set to release her second book entitled, Wolves in Skirts Fall 2018.

ShareTheRich is a Professional Development and Career Coaching business that assists women with finding their professional joy; whether it be career advancement or entrepreneurship. Vudeaux Chatte’ is an organic Yoni Steam product that promotes Yoni Wellness.

 Dr. Share received her Bachelor of Science in Sociology and Masters in Public Administration from Savannah State University. Last summer Sherrich joined 1% of the population and became Dr. Sherrich Monsher.

Dr. Share is down to Earth and has seen it all. She is a Tweener millennial (Millennial who knows life before Wi-Fi) and has much insight on the experiences and struggles that face millennials today.