Millennial Mindstate Trailer #1

Millennial Mindstate Trailer #2

8/14/2018- We Are Millennial Mindstate!!!

We are pleased and excited to launch our new talk show “Millennial Mindstate” brought to by Mungi Media LLC.! It's been a long time coming, but we put in the work and are ready to share with the world. Join LC & Dr. Share as we discuss the Millennial Mindstate. “Real Talk...Real Life...Real Issues...REAL MILLENNIALS…” 

8/21/2018 Ep. 1- Millennials in the Workplace!

Tune in as we discuss and settle many misconceptions older generations have about Millennials when it comes to work ethic, loyalty and skill set. "Real Talk...Real Life... Real Issues...REAL MILLENNIALS..."

8/28/2018 Ep. 2- Juggling Act: Career, Family/Relationships and Social Life. Tasty Gumbo, finding a healthy balance"  ft. Quintel Gwinn

Join us as Dr. Share and LC discuss how to balance life while maintaining your sanity, and how millennials tackle these issues.  We will be talking about solutions to maintaining a healthy work/life balance, stress less and how to handle all of these issues as a millennial parent.

Our Special Guest: Quintel Gwinn, owner of Quin Gwinn Studio will drop some knowledge on us as she describes how she manages everyday life as a "Momtrepreneur".

9/04/2018- Ep. 3 "Friends or Foe? How Many of Us Have Them?!?!?!"

Watch, listen and learn as we dissect which friendships really matter, which are healthy and the ones that need to be eradicated. There are several Millennials that struggle with differentiating between friends and foes. Listen as we help you understand how to keep your circle small and stress free.

9/11/2018- Ep. 4 My Man is My Man or is He- Part 1: Explores challenges Millennials face dating in today’s society.

Dating someone with kids, recently divorced, etc. We will also discuss a major topic amongst our peers “To commit or not commit; Is marriage the real deal or a big trending hype?” Part 2, gets even juicier as we include our guest speaker “Famous Feez” in on the conversation to get his perspective. Let the battle of the sexes begin!!! Tune in tonight to watch Part 1, then stay on the look out for Part 2.

9/18/2018- Ep. 4 My Man is My Man or is He- Part 2: Millennial Relationship Talks Continued featuring "Famous Feez".

 Part 2, gets even juicier as we include our guest speaker “Famous Feez” in on the conversation to get his perspective. Let the battle of the sexes begin!!! 

9/25/2018- Ep. 5: Social Media, Reality TV Obsession & Celebrity Gossip.....A Misconstrued Reality

Why are we obsessed with all things social media???? Why are we consumed with celebrity gossip, and the drama that surrounds them??? Living like the Joneses, broke balling etc.! Tune in tonight so we can talk about it!!

10/02/2018- Ep. 6- "To be or NOT to be a SIDE CHIC!!! That is the Question!!" (*warning this episode is not for the church folk)
The rise of the side chic has surely swept society over the past decade. It was once taboo to be acknowledged as such or even allow the "relationship" to be exposed, but now days those that are side chics want the world to know. And even worse, enjoy their role and perks. Tune as we discuss this topic.
10/09/2018- Ep. 7- Pt. 1: Aunty Faye Faye is Crazy! Mental Health: The Secret No One Discusses w/ Special Guest Brittany Hardy
With society obsessed with all things foolishness, Mental Health discussions rarely take place unless a celebrity is involved. Tune in as we talk about the subject that often gets swept under the rug. Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Brittany Hardy will settle many common misconceptions regarding mental wellness, discuss facts vs. fiction, the common diagnoses and how to break the stigma. Then tune in next week for Part 2 as we talk more with another guest about mental health. Don’t walk away, learn how to identify and deal with someone with mental issues and start breaking the cycle.
10/16/2018- Ep. 7- Pt. 2: Mental Health: The Secret No One Discusses w/ Special Guest Tara Nichols

Part 2, gets a little emotional as we talk more about Mental Wellness with Licensed Associate Professional Counselor Tara Nichols. Listen as Tara breaks down the root cause of many disorders,  men vs. women in how they deal with mental health, and the #1 epidemic Child Abuse. This is a show you don't want to miss. 

10/23/2018- Ep. 8- Self Love: Reflections Of Beauty, Love Thy SELF!!!!

Tune in for our final episode of the season as we talk about the importance of self love. We discuss the growing epidemic of body enhancements (booty shots and botox),  comparing yourself to others on social media, finding a healthy balance in your life and suggestions for self care. 


Thank you to everyone that has supported this show from day one. We are truly grateful and appreciative for all the love shown. Continue to follow our pages for more content, behind the scenes footage and information about next season. We love you all!!!!